3'500 products. From one partner!

Our core business is the import and distribution of food, non-food products, raw materials and additives. We supply to all channels – from major distributors to retailers and the food industry.

  • High availability thanks to professional warehouse logistics
  • Short delivery times thanks to storage warehouses within Switzerland
  • Lean and transparent processes
  • Efficient and target-oriented order processing
  • High standards in quality assurance
  • International food safety through ISO 22000 certification


Strength lies in roots

Emil Stutzer founds the company Stutzer & Co. in Zürich. First assortment includes: beef extract, beef tongue, intestines, whale fat and flavour enhancer.
Pierre Bondolfi becomes co-owner. With the recruitment the product portfolio grows as well. Dried mushrooms, canned fruits and frozen vegetable are added to the product range.
Emil Stutzer leaves the company and retires.
Pierre Bondolfi acquires majority stake of the company. The range is extended by including rice and ethnic food such as coconut milk and Thai specialities.
Stutzer & Co. becomes a joint-stock company. The emerging company continues to invest in the expansion of the product range. Newly added: frozen fish and sea food from Thailand.
With Yves Bondolfi the second generation enters the family owned business. He launches the product line of Mediterranean specialities with olives, tomato products and oils.
Yves Bondolfi becomes Managing Director and member of the board.
Stutzer & Co. AG celebrates 40th anniversary
Stutzer & Co. AG celebrates the year of the Dragon
50 years successfully in import business.
By now the company imports more than 3’500 products from all over the world, promptly shipped through five modern logistic centers within Switzerland.